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I am Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Illustrator, Writer and Game Designer. Welcome to Perdition Games! I wanted a platform where I can develop and share the roleplaying game projects I am creating and illustrating.

The idea is to make the games fully available online, for you to enjoy and play for free.

I will consider printed publication of Retrocity and Curse, once they are greatly advanced in their development. But for now, I decided to work freely. Without deadlines or any imperative keeping me from doing exactly the games I want.

  • A system that is fast, instinctive and easy to learn, focused on roleplay and storytelling.

  • Characters developed in depth while playing. A quick character generation that doesn’t require the help of the Gamemaster or any rulebooks. Just pick the character sheet and fill it up!

  • Lore and backgrounds that are realistic, gritty and that you do not need to learn: you will feel like you know them already!

  • Adult games involving moral choices and emotional involvement for the players.


RETROCITY: Into the Long Night is a game of urban action and investigation. The players impersonate cops within the walls of Retrocity, a dark titanopolis of concrete and steel, separated from the rest of the world.

The action takes place in 2050, 40 years after Bastien Lecouffe Deharme's graphic novel.

Blinking neon lights, cigaret smoke and smell of gun powder. The players will have to resist Corruption, the nefarious influence of the City, and do their best to live and see another day.

CURSE: The Children of the Night is a dark medieval game in urban territory. The characters are all Brothers and Sisters of the Night, members of the Black Circle, the infamous criminal organization.

The City, located somewhere in a foggy version of the European middle-ages, is influencing the choices and actions of the characters in order to realize her secret designs and lead her inhabitants toward the ultimate state of Perdition!




Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

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